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Czero Home is an exciting new custom build home company from sustainable housing developer Czero. Czero Home was created in order to share the knowledge Czero has in cost-effective building of low and zero carbon homes with anyone who wants to build their own but wants a helping hand. As a custom build / self build home enabler, we specialise in creating and providing plots for bespoke high quality energy efficient homes. Our service offers you the chance to purchase a custom build plot and choose from a wide range of easily customizable, modern and traditional house designs.

ADDED 05/04/2019 -
Czero’s first custom build site is showing how custom build fills the gaps left by major housebuilders. The desire for bungalows, Eco-friendly homes, and bespoke features have all driven people to buy plots from Czero rather than completed homes from housebuilders.
Czero has just two plots left at The Leys, in Bishops Castle, Shropshire, and five of the other plots are under construction. They range from a simple bungalow to a large Passivhaus.

Some customers at The Leys did not start out looking for a custom build plot. They found Czero and the Leys because they were looking for a more sustainable home, and could not find any for sale. Sustainable building is Czero’s raison d’etre (Czero is short for ‘Carbon Zero’) – major housebuilders pay lip service to sustainability, but some customers really do care about it.

Czero has found that the role of the enabling developer is essential to make custom build work. Simon Linford, Director of Czero explains: “All of the purchasers have needed help to some degree. It is very difficult to sell a serviced plot without providing a delivery solution, or being able to help people through the process. We see ourselves like a ‘guardian angel’ looking after the customers on every step of their journey.” The site is managed by Czero, and will be until the last home is finished. An online portal is used by the plot owners to share their progress and experiences.

The last remaining plots at The Leys are available priced at £130,000 for a 650 m2 bungalow plot and £150,000 for a 700 m2 plot with planning for a five bed house.

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