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Property Details

Property NameNewbeck Cottage, Flower Lane, Amesbury, Wiltshirehighly rated property
Property Locationview map
Property Type2 bedroom detached house
For further information & viewings, contactGilves Vye And Sons
tel: 01722415604

Summary of Property

Two Bedroom detached modern cottage-style dwelling in Amesbury Conservation Area. Architect Designs and winner of a Regen SW Energy Award.

Environmentally Friendly Features

Solare Hot Water, Solar underfloor heating, Gas boiler, Multi-fuel stove, Air-Heat Exchange System, Double Glazing, 80mm Rockwool Insulation, Solar Insulation Blocks, Rainwater Flushing

Dimensions of Rooms (m)

Kitchen3.48 x 3.00
Lounge3.86 x 3.66
Bedroom 13.86 x 3.66
Bedroom 22.44 x 2.18
Other RoomsEnsuite shower (off Bedroom 1)
Ensuite bathroom (off Bedroom 2)
Details of Heating
Average annual cost of utilities, electric, gas, oil, etc.
Ground RentNone
Details of any Accreditation or rating, e.g., BRE EcoHomes, SAP, NHEREE Rating 82-83, Env Impact 84

Details of Garden or Outside Space

Courtyard Garden

Transport & Local Amenities

Parking facilities Off-road parking
Secure bicycle storage?Yes
Nearest shop/Post Office0.2km
Nearest leisure facilitiesAmesbury
Nearest train station15km
Nearest bus-stop to main town/city0.2km

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