Questions & Answers about Eco-friendly homes

What is an eco or environmentally friendly home?

Environmentally friendly homes have some features in common, they could include for instance:

Why are eco homes better than conventional ones?

Depending on the type of eco home they are cheaper to run; they should use less energy and therefore have lower carbon emissions; they should hold their values longer; they should outlast conventional homes; they are healthier to live in with more daylight and less off-gassing of chemicals in the building fabric, such as VOCs in paint, and formaldehyde in MDF, and better more controlled internal temperatures; they are less harmful to the environment.

Are eco homes more expensive to buy?

Not necessarily. Some have been constructed for less than the cost of a conventional home, some for more, so in general the price should not be substantially different.

Do eco homes hold their resale value?

Yes. The experiences of developers and homeowners suggest that they will.

What simple things can I do to make my current house more environmentally friendly?

Is GreenMoves an Estate Agent?

No, GreenMoves is not an Estate Agent, we don’t charge our advertisers a percentage of their sale price, we have no physical For Sale signs and we won’t personally be able to show you around properties. Instead we provide a website and marketing services which aims to bring information on all available eco homes together in one place making life easier (and more environmentally friendly) for those seeking a healthier home.

What are the standards that GreenMoves uses to determine whether a property can be advertised on the website?

Please see our criteria page.

Who is behind GreenMoves?

GreenMoves was started and is run by three Directors who have environmental backgrounds. Please visit Who we are to learn more.

How can I advertise my property for sale on GreenMoves?

Please see our How to Advertise page for further information.

How can I advertise my business on the GreenMoves website?

Please see our How to Advertise page for further information.

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